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Rumor: Four Unannounced Assassin's Creed Projects' Details Leak

According to a recent source, information about four unannounced Assassin's Creed projects has leaked. As the publisher aims to bring the Assassin's Creed franchise back to yearly releases, Ubisoft currently has a lot of important Assassin's Creed projects in production that have already been announced. However, the leaked games suggest that a much wider variety of experiences will be provided as part of the series, suggesting that those projects may only be the beginning of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed plans.

Ubisoft revealed there were four new Assassin's Creed games being worked on in September 2022. Assassin's Creed Mirage is anticipated to be the franchise's shortest and smallest return and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The other three projects, with settings in feudal Japan, the Holy Roman Empire, and ancient China, go by the names Codename Red, Codename Hexe, and Codename Jade. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Infinity project consists of the first two games, while Jade is a mobile game.

Three of these will be "full-fledged" Assassin's Creed releases, according to a recent rumor from Insider Gaming. Ubisoft studios allegedly created a new round of proposals for what will be the Assassin's Creed next wave of releases. These three projects are Project Raid from Ubisoft Chengdu, a four-player co-op PvE game, Project Nebula from Ubisoft Sofia, a multiplayer game built on the Scalar cloud technology, and Project Echoes from Ubisoft Annecy.

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A sequel to yet another undisclosed Assassin's Creed game is the fourth project from Insider Gaming's report that has been revealed. Project Nexus is a rumored Assassin's Creed VR game that will be announced at this year's E3. Another VR project, Project Nexus 2, is reportedly the fourth game.

The total number of Assassin's Creed projects now stands at ten. Mirage, Red, Hexe, and Jade are among the games that Ubisoft revealed in December. Then there is Invictus, a multiplayer Assassin's Creed game that Ubisoft also revealed would release in 2021. The VR game Nexus is scheduled to be released soon. The next four projects—Nexus 2, Raid, Nebula, and Echoes—have just been revealed.

According to one source for the most recent Assassin's Creed leaks, Ubisoft is "going all in" on both the series and other significant franchises. Ubisoft isn't absolutely committed to this path, and the rumor itself may not even be true in the first place, but it should be made clear that these new Assassin's Creed projects are merely stated as "pitches." Even said, it wouldn't be shocking to see it happen once more given Ubisoft's prior push for yearly Assassin's Creed releases and the success it saw then.

Written by V1tal