How we make
a difference

who we are

ESWF Canada is a governing body for esports in Canada.

We are affiliated with the Esports World Federation (ESWF).

We are a nonprofit organization established to be the National Esport Organization for Canada.

Empowering esports by:

Safeguarding and supporting

Increasing awareness

Providing governance

Improving standards

Offering educational options

Inspiring future talent

Promoting healthy living

what we do

Act as the governing body of esports in Canada following the ESWF statutes and regulations

Promote conscientious, responsible, sustainable, healthy, and value-based development of esports in the spirit of peace and fair play, without any discrimination.

Practice the esports for All movement of inclusivity and integration regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, social background, or physical ability.

Officially rank esports athletes nationally and globally.

Work with various organizations to gain further support and to foster future opportunities.


We aim to unite the esports community of Canada by working closely with:

Provincial and Territorial Esport organizations

Provincial and Territorial Education providers

National Multisport Service Organizations

Canadian Sport Institutes and Centres

Various levels of government


Lets create a community.

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