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Blood Bowl 3 Devs Apologize Following Server Issues and Monetization Controversy

Blood Bowl 3 appears to be in problems as fans express their dissatisfaction in large numbers, prompting the developers to apologize on Steam for all that has gone wrong both before and after the game's release. The release of Blood Bowl 3 was eagerly anticipated, but as problems kept cropping up, anticipation gave way to frustration.

Before the game's release, Cyanide Studio revealed that Blood Bowl 3 would have a battle pass they called Blood Pass. Not the 50-tier battle pass itself, but the announcement that it will include a free and a paid tier caused controversy. Fans have strongly opposed Blood Bowl 3's developer for adding monetization and wished for it to be taken out. The battle pass system was still in place, so it is obvious that the request was ignored. Blood Bowl 3 players were further annoyed by server connectivity issues that existed during the early access phase of the game. Yet as it turns out, the state of the game following its release just added to the annoyance of the fans.

Only one day after the release, the community update on Steam was posted as unfavorable reviews began to accumulate. Blood Bowl 3 has 945 reviews as of this writing, 72% of which are poor, placing it in the "Mostly Bad" category. All the problems players have encountered with the game are detailed by Cyanide Studio, and each one is resolved separately. It appears that server connectivity has been enhanced and should now cause less problems. The programmers did, however, voice their support for the concept with regard to the Blood Pass. According to Cyanide Studio, it won't result in an unfair advantage. "We know that we will probably not be able to convince all of you, but we honestly believe that our system is fair, rewarding and optional and that's reasonable."

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The fact that some gamers who purchased Blood Bowl 3's regular edition instead received the game's Brutal Edition, which includes a number of extra items, may have been a bigger problem. Cyanide Studio stated that in order to correct the problem, they would delete the additional customisation options but would leave the extra 1,000 Warpstones that those fans earned. On the other hand, gamers who bought the Brutal Edition will receive an additional 1,000 Warpstones to keep their advantage, while players who unlocked the game early will receive an additional 250 Warpstones. Yet, some fans who bought the ordinary edition said their Warpstones were taken away anyway.

Blood Bowl 3 has had a very difficult start as a result of these incidents, with many fans requesting refunds. It will be interesting to see if Cyanide Studio can recover from that.

Written by V1tal