ESWF CSGO Erupted 2023

CS:GO Erupted ESWF Tourney:

Date: February 25 2023

Time: 4pm PHST

Max Teams: 16

Prize Pool:

1st – 60 CAD

2nd - 40 CAD

3rd – 20 CAD

In Total - 120 Dollars


2v2 Aim Map


1 - Roo Go Aim 2 (Quarter)

2- ZOTAC Aim Map (Semi) 

3 - aim_theorem [5v5] (Finals) 

4 - Just Aim (Grand Finals Map)

All matches except grand finals and finals are 1 game

Grand Finals/Finals is 3 games

Win 2 games out of the 3 to win

How To Register?

Join the discord


Go to #csgo-erupted-registration-2023

And send your membership signup in the #????-membership-signup

Then type your registration in this format in the #csgo-erupted-registration-2023

Team Name: Trailblazers (Example)

Player (Discord and CSGO Friend Code):

P1 Discord: YourBadLmao412#8219 (Example)

P1 CSGO: (Friend Code)

P2 Discord: YourTrashXD#4215 (Example)

P2 CSGO: (Friend Code)

How to get friend code?

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